To date, Scott has headlined with the likes of Mark Wills, Jeff Bates, Charlie McCoy, and many other notables in country music. He has also performed at Robert’s Western World, Music City Bar and Grill, and The Nashville Palace in Nashville Tennessee. Scott also performed on the main stage on Fremont Street as well as performed shows with Roy “Willie “ Hammock at The Golden Nugget in Laughlin, NV. Scott emerged from the significant shadow of his father to create his own artistic identity. He wrote and recorded his own composition “Living In The Shadow Of Merle” which was released on his debut CD, recorded in Nashville in April 2012. Scotts most recent tour has taken him to Ohio where he Performed at the Southern Ohio Opry, Alaska and North Dakota where he performed for law enforcement and other first responders, as well as their families as part of several charity events. Now home from this tour Scott is working on material for a second album.  Writing, touring and performing…. This timeless entertainer continues to share his gifts to the delight of fans old and new across the US and throughout the world.


Born in December of 1968 the son of  Legend Merle Haggard,  Scotts life ​as well as his career are tightly woven into the fabric of country music history and lore. He is both a legacy and a legend with an unmistakable voice and a captivating style. Scott Haggard is one of the greatest voices in country music with a haunting resemblance to his father, the ultimate stylist, Merle Haggard. Both share that raw, forlorn quality that is essential to the interpretation of traditional country themes, conveying the deepest emotion of every lyric. As a teenager, Scott had a very deep interest in music, always playing his guitar and singing. As he grew up, he learned several other instruments including drums, saxophone, and along with his guitar, continued to develop his craft. After he graduated, Scott found himself struggling to make ends meet in a poor economy, like so many others. So, he set music aside and began a career as a professional truck driver. He worked hard raising his family. ​ In 2006, Scott decided to return to his music and has been working on that part of his life ever since. Listening to his Dad’s music gave him inspiration to write his own songs.

In May of 2008,  he won the Horizon Award from the Mobile Alabama Country Music Association, which states, “Presented to Scott Haggard in recognition of your outstanding talent and continued hard work promoting country music”.  This vote of confidence earned Scott some important show dates and guest appearances.



​​​​Darrell Qualls is a musician, vocalist, and lyricist that was born and raised in southeast Alabama. He has been active in numerous bands such as “PAYBACK”, “STRAIGHT JACKET 4 NIXON”, “DURING THE DROUGHT”, “YONDER BLOSSOM”, and most recent “THE CORONA FIVE”. Darrell has made his brand of musicianship well known and highly entertaining experience. He is just as at home on bass as he is on his signature competition orange Indy. Darrell’s playing style resonates with seemingly effortless imagination. Having picked up his first guitar at the age of twelve, Darrell has spent the majority of the last twenty plus years honing his skill every free moment that he can find.
     Darrell’s love for music has taken him all across the continental United States over the years. Some of his favorite stages being The Big Fish Pub Tempe, AZ and Churchill’s in Miami, FL. With the new year having started 2017 finds Darrell serving as Lead guitarist for Scott Haggard. You can find upcoming information on shows and other content that interests Darrell Qualls on his FaceBook or by messaging at